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Having similar phenomenon occurring in other languages, Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian) is quite rich of reduplication. It is a fact that reduplication is quite frequent in the lexically phonological systems of many good languages including Indonesian. Some linguists regard it as a morphological process rather than a phonological one. But it is not denied that it also involves a phonological modification of the morphemes which it has affected.
Being inspired by various reduplication types in the language and across languages, I am interested in observing the phonological and morphological interaction in accounting for the reduplicated construction; what word formations are involved and what phonological processes are required. In my point of view, it will be challenging the recent theories.


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No theories or methods are fully supported by others. Each should have its strengths and weaknesses. Even Aristotle's well-known theory of tragic hero is confronted by many....., even by me....., hehehehee...


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